Do you have a wait list?

In the case of a position not being available on the day and/or room you require care for your child, your child’s name will be placed on the wait list. We apologise for this inconvenience but will do our best to fulfill your request at the earliest opportunity.

When a position becomes available that matches your required needs, we will contact you and offer you a place.  Should at any time you find you no longer need to be on our waiting list, please let us know so that we may move other families into your position

What age do you take children?

We cater to children 12 weeks to 6 years.

How do you group the children?

0 – 3 years (Eeyore’s Spot) has 2 groups: Infants – 0 – 2 years & Junior preschool  – 2 – 3 years.

3 – 4 years (Tigger’s Place) – Senior preschool.

4 – 5 years (Pooh’s Corner) – School Readiness.

What is included in the daily fees?


We have dedicated staff in our kitchen that enjoy cooking child-friendly meals for your children.

We follow the dietary guidelines and provide children with the recommended allowance of nutrition groups each day.

OUR CENTRE HAS A NO NUTS ALLOWED POLICY – this is to assist children with allergies.

Our menu is located at the front of our kitchen. We cater to dietary requirements, allergies and cultural beliefs. We encourage all children to try our meals, but will cater to a fussy eater. We endeavour to have mealtimes a positive time, rather than a struggle. No child will go hungry.

Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack are provided daily by Hunny Pots. All meals are cooked and prepared on the premises by our cook.

* Children under 12 months of age are given freshly mashed and/or pureed vegetables.

We also supply an educational program in each room. We have an infant program, junior preschool program, senior preschool program and a school readiness program.

Our staff are able to offer you developmental advice and guidance. (eg: toilet training, school readiness)

Throughout the year we collect samples of your child’s work and you will receive this at the end of the year.

We are a Sun Safe Centre – we provide sunscreen and promote sun safety.

We also provide dedicated educators who have a genuine love for children. Your child will be in a safe and loving environment.

What do I need to bring?

  • For children in Tigger’s Place and Pooh’s Corner – please bring in a piece of fruit each day. This is for morning and afternoon tea and encourages children to eat a piece of fruit with their meals.  Please place fruit in the appropriate baskets in the foyer.
  • For children requiring bottles please bring in pre-filled bottles (with formula, breast milk or cows/soy milk) from home. All bottles need to be clearly labeled with the child’s name. Please place these bottles in the bottle preparation area in Eeyores Spot. No bottles are required in Tigger’s Place or Pooh’s Corner as the children use cups.  Formula will need to be made-up at home. Expressed breast milk needs to be labeled accordingly.
  • Drink bottle (water only)
  • Please bring in your child’s comforter e.g.: dummy in a labeled container to prevent cross contamination.
  • As part of our sun care policy, all children must have a hat. This should be labelled clearly with your child’s name. Hats need to be kept in children’s’ lockers.

Hats must be legionnaire style, bucket style or wide brimmed, no baseball caps please. The hat should protect the child’s face, neck and ears from the sun’s harmful rays. NO HAT NO PLAY.

  • Each child over 18mths will receive a bed sheet. The sheets must be taken home weekly for washing and returned the following week.
  • Children under 3 years who wear nappies are required to bring in 5 nappies that are labelled with their name.   Please place them in the labelled basket in the nappy change room with a change of clothes.
  • Birthdays are a special time. Parents are welcome to provide a cake to celebrate their child’s birthday at Hunny Pots.  Please do not provide a cake with nuts.

Are Staff Qualified?

The staff at Hunny Pots Early Learning Centre are a team of caring, dedicated and motivated professionals. We employ staff with a range of qualifications, skills and experience from Certificate III in Children’s Services, Diploma in Children’s Services, Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) and Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) as well as qualifications in Senior First Aid, Asthma & Anaphylaxis Training, Food Handling and nutrition of young children.

Staff have been employed on the basis of their qualifications, experience, professionalism and personal attributes which enhance the early childhood environment.  All of our staff have a keen desire to provide the highest quality education and care.

To comply with the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998 and the Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998, a Working with Children check is done on all full, part-time and casual employees as well as ongoing visitors who may be working with the children.

What are your hours and weeks of operation?

Hunny Pots Early Learning Centre is open from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday for 50 weeks of the year.

The centre will be closed for 2 weeks over the Christmas / New Year period and for public holidays.

Are you an approved childcare service?

Hunny Pots Early Learning Centre is an approved, accredited childcare service, which means that all Australian resident families are able to claim Child Care Subsidy if approved.

Child Care Subsidy payments are from the government to families to assist with the cost of child care. The Subsidy you receive depends on your income, hours used per week and the number of children you have in childcare. Parents must inform the FAO as their circumstances change to ensure the Subsidy they receive  is correct.

All eligible families are able to apply for CCS through the Family Assistance Office (FAO). Please phone the FAO on 136150 for further information.  You must register with the FAO to receive a Customer Reference Number (CRN).

Each child is eligible for CCS for a limited number of absences (42 per year).  Once a child has been absent for more than 42 Allowable Absences, parents will no longer be entitled to CCS for any additional absences without providing a documented reason.

For further details :


Do you have minimum days of attendance?

No, we cater to all family requirements. We do offer one day a week positions up to 5 days per week.

If my child only attends for a few hours do I pay for the full day?

Yes, we are open from 7am to 6pm. You are able to use these hours as you please however.

We do not offer casual or occasional care – positions are a permanent booking.

Do I pay for my child’s absence?

Yes, we still charge for your child’s position if they are ill, holidays, excluded due to an illness (non immunisation).

A child who has not yet received care or who has ceased receiving care

Below is from the Child Care Handbook Australian Government Department of Education and Training:

Child Care Subsidy will not be paid for absences where a provider charges a family to reserve a place for a child who has not yet physically started care.

If a child is booked in to start at a service on a particular date, and does not start on that day, no Child Care Subsidy will be paid until the child physically attends a session of care.

Similarly, a child care service is taken to have permanently ceased providing care for a child on the day the child last physically attends a session of care. This means that Child Care Subsidy will not be paid for absences submitted after a child last physically attends a session of care.

If a family has confirmed their child’s last day at a service, but that child does not attend their last booked sessions of care, no Child Care Subsidy will be paid for any days after the child’s last physical attendance at the service.

If a provider continues to charge fees for sessions on days after a child has left the service because the family did not give the agreed period of notice, Child Care Subsidy will not be payable for these sessions of care. If absences are reported in the above circumstances and Child Care Subsidy is incorrectly paid, these amounts will be recovered from the service.

How long does it take for my child to settle in?

Every child is unique and all staff respect this. What we can assure you is they will be looked after and reassured you will return. We have very talented staff who can distract the children amazingly! They will be kept busy painting, drawing, listening to stories etc that time will fly!

Some children may have no tears for the first few weeks and then start to cry and this is very normal also.

We will work with you and your child to develop trust and security.

Do you have an orientation process?

Yes. We encourage all families if they are available to come in for an orientation session for both parents and child/ren to become familiar with our centre.

Please make arrangements with the office for the best times to come in for a play!