Program Overview

We implement the Early Years Learning Framework into our Curricullum, Daily diary, observations and routines to encourage development of the child on a whole.

Staff design daily educational programs that reflect the developmental needs and strengths of the child.

We value parent input into the programs and suggestions or feedback is encouraged.

Developmental records are kept on each child and are updated on a regular basis by a trained staff member. These records are available for parents to view on request.

Our learning stories are displayed for families to see their child’s work and witness what they are learning about.


0 – 2years – Eeyores Spot (infants)

2 – 3 years – Eeyores Spot (junior preschool)

3 – 4 years – Tiggers Place (senior preschool)

4 – 5years – Pooh’s Corner (school readiness)


We are licensed from 7am to 6pm.