We have dedicated staff in our kitchen that enjoy cooking child-friendly meals for your children.

We follow the dietary guidelines and provide children with the recommended allowance of nutrition groups each day.

OUR CENTRE HAS A NO NUTS ALLOWED POLICY – this is to assist children with Allergies/Anaphylaxis.

Our menu is located at the front of our kitchen. We cater to dietary requirements, allergies and cultural beliefs. We encourage all children to try our meals, but will cater to a fussy eater. We endeavour to have mealtimes a positive time, rather than a struggle. No child will go hungry.

Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack are provided daily by Hunny Pots. All meals are cooked and prepared on the premises by our cook.


7am – 7.30am in Tigger’s Place.

Morning tea

9.15am in Eeyores Spot

9.30am for Tigger’s place and Pooh’s Corner.


11.15am – Eeyores Spot

11.30am – Tigger’s place

11.45am – Pooh’s Corner

Afternoon tea

2.45pm – Eeyores Spot

3pm – Tigger’s Place and Pooh’s Corner

Late snack

4.30pm all rooms

*Children under 12 months of age are given freshly mashed and/or pureed vegetables.

We also supply

Sunscreen, portfolios

Families to provide

  • For children in Tigger’s Place and Pooh’s Corner – please bring in a piece of fruit each day. This is for morning and afternoon tea and encourages children to eat a piece of fruit with their meals.  Please place fruit in the appropriate baskets in the foyer.
  • For children requiring bottles please bring in pre-filled bottles (with formula, breast milk or cows/soy milk) from home. All bottles need to be clearly labeled with the child’s name. Please place these bottles in the bottle preparation area in Eeyores Spot. No bottles are required in Tigger’s Place or Pooh’s Corner as the children use cups.  Formula will need to be made-up at home. Expressed breast milk needs to be labeled accordingly.
  • Drink bottle (water only)
  • Please bring in your child’s comforter e.g.: dummy in a labeled container to prevent cross contamination.
  • As part of our sun care policy, all children must have a hat. This should be labelled clearly with your child’s name. Hats need to be kept in children’s’
    lockers. Hats must be legionnaire style, bucket style or wide brimmed, no baseball caps please. The hat should protect the child’s face, neck and ears from the sun’s harmful rays. NO HAT NO PLAY.
  • Each child over 18mths will receive a bed sheet as part of their administration fee.   The sheets must be taken home weekly for washing and returned the following week.
  • Children under 3 years who wear nappies are required to bring in 5 nappies that are labelled with their name. Please place them in the labelled basket in the nappy change room with a change of clothes.
  • Birthdays are a special time. Parents are welcome to provide a cake to celebrate their child’s birthday at Hunny Pots. Please do not provide a cake with nuts.