Hunny Pots Early Learning Centre

The Hunny Pots philosophy has a strong focus on respecting and valuing each child as individuals with unique abilities, strengths, needs, learning styles and family backgrounds.

We aim to provide a high quality professional service that fosters security and care by creating an environment that is warm and home like.  Families are encouraged to collaborate with our educators about their child’s interests and progress. We aim to provide a trustful relationship with parents and the community to work as a team.

Educators believe in providing a warm and friendly environment with cuddles and comfort to assist in allowing each child to feel safe and secure.

We acknowledge and respect that each child, family and staff member brings to the centre a different set of experiences. Therefore our educators work in partnership with parents in the care and education of their child. As early childhood educators, we provide experiences for individuals, small and large groups that are linked to children’s developing skills and interests.

We believe that parents have valuable information about their child’s needs and we are here to help them with their child’s journey.

We aim to encourage each child’s ability to have a strong sense of identity. For them to grow throughout the time at the centre having respect for themselves, other children and adults. We will cater to each child’s interests to allow them to be confident little people.

We aspire for children to be confident and involved learners. Early childhood educators facilitate flexible and adaptable learning experiences, within an educational curriculum, covering all developmental areas. The experiences planned are designed to enhance children’s interest and abilities. The content is based on children’s interests, inquiries, curiosity and questioning, promoting discovery and exploration. In house excursions are programmed regularly to promote curiosity and extend upon interests of the children.

We strive for children to have a strong sense of wellbeing.  Families are encouraged to be involved in the centre in a variety of ways in the manner they can help. We provide communication on many levels. The parents can have an insight into their child’s day through photos, discussion with staff and displays of their work.

We aim for children to be connected with and contribute to their world. We value community involvement and being resourceful to our families. We believe in equality regardless of race, religion, ability, economic status and family structure and therefore promote an anti-bias curriculum. We believe in educating our future generation in sustainable practices that will provide them with life skills of caring for our environment through everyday experiences.

We plan for children to be effective communicators. To have a voice and be treated the way we would like to be treated with respect, opportunities and care.

Hunny Pots believes learning is an exciting adventure and a lifelong process. We endeavour to encourage a child’s passion for learning to carry with them throughout their life.

Sourced: Belonging, Being and Becoming – The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia 2009

Family review 2013

Staff review 2013


Date reviewed: August 2013