May 2017 Newsletter


Miss Kayley has moved to our Tiggers Room to work alongside Miss Jo.

Miss Jess is our room leader for Eeyores Spot.

Miss Lauren has moved to Eeyores.

Centre staffing:

Eeyores – Miss Jess, Miss Lauren, Miss Rhiannon, Miss Kim/Miss Shazia.

Tiggers – Miss Jo, Miss Kayley.

Poohs Corner – Miss Allison, Miss Rupinder, Miss Elizabeth, Miss Shazia/Miss Kim.

Miss Emma will replace breaks and program release time in all rooms.

Miss Maria works 2.45-5.45 each day.

Miss Amanda has been helping us with support work in Tiggers on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

We are extremely grateful to our passionate educators.

We are very fortunate to provide all our children with consistent educators in the rooms to promote security, stability and communication with families.

We thank you all for your patience as we moved our educators around to ensure the best solution to achieve the above.

Miss Jessica has injured her elbow whilst ice skating!  She will be on leave until she receives a clearance to return to work – we thank our educators in Eeyores for their fantastic teamwork and to our families for your support and understanding.

We have our educators taking annual leave throughout the year – this is covered either by existing educators or with casual staffing.

Our priority is to ensure our care, safety and love is never compromised.



Please ensure your child care payments are made within the invoicing period.

We have unfortunately been chasing up overdue accounts lately. Please ensure payments are regular to avoid large overdue accounts.

Please keep an eye on your Child care rebate – you may soon reach the $7500 rebate.



You may notice the playrooms being dark at times…..! We are educating the children on all concepts of sustainable practices. This includes electricity (turning the lights off when we are outside or enough natural light in the room), composting (knowing our food scraps – what scraps go into each bucket) gardening (vegetable patch, weeding) water conservation (half flush, full flush using the toilets, using the taps) and recycling (use of paper, paper towel, using boxes etc)

We hope to educate our future children to be aware of sustainable practices so they can look after our beautiful planet.



“Colds are more common in the winter months. Cold weather by itself doesn’t increase the chance of getting a cold, but people are in closer contact with each other because they stay indoors. This means they’re more likely to infect each other”. Quoted from the article link.

This is why we monitor the weather and in suitable conditions, we go outside for our physical play.

Please ensure your child has suitable clothing to wear outside eg: jacket, jumper, long pants etc and is able to remove their jacket etc inside.



A timely reminder to ensure all children with an illness stay at home to rest and recover.

Paracetamol etc is not to be given prior to attending Hunny Pots to mask any symptoms.

We don’t administer over the counter medications eg: cough medication without written doctor permission.

These practices are in place to protect all children, families and our educators from the spread of illness.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.



Through the Munch and Move program we implement healthy eating and fundamental movement skills daily.

Please read our daily room programs and day books for more information.



You will see a few new faces around the place as we have a few students at Hunny Pots.

We believe in providing placements for students wanting a career in child care.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to nurture future educators.


MOTHER’S DAY AFTERNOON TEA – Thursday 11th May 2.30pm.

DRESS UP DAY! – Tuesday 30th May! Come dressed up (in anything) for a fun day.


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