June 2018 Newsletter


Have you completed the information required through you’re My Gov page to be sure you will receive any rebates ?.

The old system – child care benefit and child care rebate will cease at the end of the financial year and the new child care subsidy will start.

Please be sure to complete the information for a smooth transition.



We invite you to our coffee and portfolio afternoon.

Coffee and Portfolio afternoon – 2nd – 6th July 3.30-4.30pm. Come along to have a cuppa and look through your child’s portfolio.  Staff will be maintaining ratios with the children. All portfolios will be in Pooh’s Corner to view while having a hot drink (no children near hot drinks please)


Casual days can be requested. If a vacancy is available we can confirm immediately, otherwise we will write the request on the requested day and confirm if possible. The extra days shall be charged for at the same rate as the family’s regular care. The fee for additional days, which are cancelled with at least one day’s notice, may be waived at the Director’s discretion. Families with outstanding accounts may not book additional days. Extra day bookings can only be secured pending we have a position available.


During morning and afternoon tea times our children are offered a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables. For Tigger and Poohs Corner families that are required to bring in a piece of fruit daily, we welcome you to bring in vegetables also that can be served raw for our children to increase their vegetable serves!  We look forward to seeing the variety of fruit and vegetables in our baskets.


Miss Larissa is our new trainee who is studying her Certificate three in Children’s Services throughout the next 12 months. Miss Larissa is assisting in all rooms. We welcome her to our team.



On Friday 29th June, Hunny Pots will be hosting a Red Nose DISCO!! We will be listening to the Little Rockers Radio for our Disco. Come dressed up for our disco and party day! Throughout that week 25th – 29th June we will be raising money for SIDS – a gold coin is very much appreciated.



If your child turns 3 years old before the 31st July this year, we will endeavor to move them from Eeyore’s room to Tigger’s room. This is based on there being a position available -We are currently full at the moment, however they are our first priority when positions do become available.

When children move from Eeyores to Tiggers, they participate in orientation; this is to assist with a smooth transition to their new room. They have the opportunity to become familiar with their new teachers and children in the room. The previous teacher will pass on information and observation records of the child to the next teacher to ensure consistency and continuity. Children are encouraged to be toilet trained before they go into Tigger’s Place, as there are no nappy changing facilities in this room.

Eeyore’s is the only room we transition mid year.

All Eeyore children turning 3 years after the 31st July will move up to Tigger’s at the beginning of next year.



“Colds are more common in the winter months. Cold weather by itself doesn’t increase the chance of getting a cold, but people are in closer contact with each other because they stay indoors. This means they’re more likely to infect each other”. Quoted from the article link.

This is why we monitor the weather and in suitable conditions, we DO still go outside for our physical play.

Please ensure your child has suitable clothing to wear outside e.g.: jacket, jumper, long pants etc and is able to remove their jacket etc inside.



A timely reminder to ensure all children with an illness stays at home to rest and recover.

Paracetamol etc is not to be given prior to attending Hunny Pots to mask any symptoms.

We don’t administer over the counter medications e.g.: cough medication without written doctor permission.

If your child has a temperature of 38degrees or above you will be contacted to pick up your child immediately. Also with any vomiting and/or diarrhea (2 cases at the centre) you will need to pick up immediately. For a temperature, vomiting and diarrhea there is a 24 hour exclusion policy from the centre. Please refer to our parent handbook.

These practices are in place to protect all children, families and our educators from the spread of illness.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.



If you are referred to a specialist e.g.: speech, occupational therapy etc please send us an email with your permission to discuss your child’s development with the specialist.

This helps us to work in partnership together whilst respecting confidentiality.



Please open and hold the car door for your children while they are entering and exiting the car. It is very easy for doors to open wide and hit another car accidently.

Please hold your child’s hand in the carpark – this is a great life skill.

  • Please don’t leave your children unattended in the carpark. For safety reasons, it is best your children are being supervised.



Miss Jane is currently completely an assignment regarding Sustainabiltiy. She has looked into organic cleaning agents.

From Miss Jane –

“At Hunny Pots ELC this week starting the 29th May, we have introduced a new cleaning agent that we are trialing. The organic cleaning agent called “On Guard” is a product of Do Terra’s and is a multipurpose cleaner with hundreds of uses that can be beneficial for your child and their health. On Guard can be used to clean furniture and food as well as it can be taken internally to keep us clear of sickly bacteria’s.

Please let us know if you are interested to learn more about Do Terra and the use of this product in our service. You are also welcome to visit the DoTerra website for further information. Thank you – Jane”


Miss Jo and Miss Emma C attended training on the ‘National Quality Standard: Inclusion in Practice’ on the 2nd May.

Miss Monique attended training on ‘Educator performance reviews and apprasials’ 16th May.

Miss Prabh attended training on ‘Play and learning for children with Autism Spectrum disorder’

Miss Monique attended training on “The office of Children’s Guardian – working with children check” on Wednesday 23rd May.

Miss Jo will attend training “Mana Baya – to gather and speak” on the 6th June.

Miss Jo will also attend training on ‘SDN Professional Learning- Understanding

Behaviour in children with ASD’ on the 13th June.

Simon and Monique are attending HR training on Tuesday 5th June.

Miss Jessica is enrolled in a Leadership Academy Training – a series of webinars and coaching over several weeks.

Miss Monique will attend training on the new Child care subsidy system with our software HUBWORKS on Wednesday 20th June.


Wednesday 13th June – When I grow up dress up day! Come dressed in what you’ll like to be when you grow upJ

Friday 29th June – Red Nose DISCO!! We will be listening to the Little Rockers Radio for our Disco. Come dressed up for our disco and party day! Throughout that week 25th – 29th June we will be raising money for SIDS – a gold coin is very much appreciated.


Week 2nd – 6th July – Coffee and portfolio viewing week. Come 3.30-4.30pm to see the wonderful work in your child’s portfolio.



Poohs Corner NSW Health eye test – Tuesday 11th September and Wednesday 12th September. More information closer to the date.


Hunny Pots school photos – Wednesday 8th August and Thursday 9th August. More information closer to the date.



We will be asking what your requirements are for 2019 in early August this year.

All families must complete the re enrolment forms – no attendances ‘roll over’.


Centre Closure over the Christmas breakWe will be operating up to and including Friday 21st December 2018 and reopening on Monday 7th January 2019.

Thank you


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