November 2018 Newsletter


Children from Eeyores and Tiggers Place will be participating in orientation if they are moving up a room for 2019. We will do this in small groups to ensure ratios are being met.

If your child has participated in orientation, we will let you know.

Children participating in orientation for BIG school are to be taken by their parents/family and returned to Hunny Pots by their family. Due to regulations, we cannot take or pick up the children from school orientation. Please ensure you sign in/out upon dropping off and picking up.

New families are invited to attend orientation from the 5/11 to the 14/12. You may hear your children talking about new friends


If you are going on holidays, please let us know. This helps us know if children are absent due to illness or leisure.

It also assists with the educators observing your child each month – they can plan for absences with their paperwork.

Any planned holidays for January – please let us know.


All Pooh’s Corner enrolments finish on Friday 21st December 2018.  We have a list of the names of Pooh’s Corner children in the foyer – please write in the name of the school your child is attending for 2019. For those children returning to Hunny Pots in 2019, please proudly write HUNNY POTS! We will be refunding bonds in January 2019. Please let us know via email the bank account you wish to have your bond refunded to.


We will be trialing a different way of documenting our routines/learning etc.
Our curriculum planners that are currently in our foyer for morning and afternoon sessions will be streamlined and included in our daily diaries.
The daily diaries are emailed daily – they will still include the educators in the room each day, what we have had to eat and include more areas of learning etc.
This started from Monday 29th October and we will appreciate your feedback throughout this time.
We will also as a team reflect on the information involved to ensure it keeps our documentation at a high standard and maintaining our high standard of communication with families.
We look forward to your feedback.


We will be informing families our staffing arrangements for educators in each room mid November. We will send you an email with the staffing arrangements and also have it in our December Newsletter.


It is not acceptable that children are picked up late from the centre. The centre is able to open for specific periods as per our license from the State Government and approval from the Local Councils. Staff are employed to work those hours and have a right to finish work at the agreed time. Late shift staff delayed from finishing on time may suffer public transport delays etc and may have their own family commitments that need to be met.

           Late fee:  $20 after 6pm (any period of time 6pm to 6.15pm eg: you come at 6.05pm it will be $20) after 6.15pm it is $30 from 6.15pm-6.30pm and $2 per minute after 6.30pm. Eg: if you come at 6.20pm it will be a $50 late fee.

*** It is best to have nearby emergency contacts that can help you pick up your child if you are going to be late.

You must leave the centre prior to normal closing time (not arrive at the centre prior to normal closing time). If you are delayed beyond your normal booking you must ring the centre to notify staff so we can organise appropriate staffing to cope with the change.


  • Appropriate footwear is encouraged –enclosed shoes around the toes and heel. Thongs are not appropriate footwear.
  • Children are allowed to remove shoes and place in the shoe holders outside. This is ideal for children in the sandpit and who are wearing inappropriate shoes to discourage accidents.
  • Recommend children and families to dress in safe clothing for play eg: no cords in hoodies that can get caught on slippery dips etc.
  • Remind or assist children to dress with warm clothes in cooler weather eg: singlets, long sleeved tops etc. Remind parents to pack spare clothes to cover all seasons.
  • Remind or assist children to dress in cooler clothes in hot weather, eg: cool cotton materials that breath – put sun safe clothing articles from the cancer council available for parents. No singlets or strap dresses are allowed – due to sun safety.
  • Ensure sun safe hats are worn outdoors that covers the face, neck and shoulders that are recommended by the cancer council. Advise parents of this recommendation. Ensure No (appropriate) hat, no play.
  • Provide aprons for painting and any other messy or wet play.
  • Encourage parents to provide clothes that are child friendly to assist self help skills eg: no belts, shoes that can be slipped on, no overalls.
  • To ensure children are dressed appropriately for sleep times with a sheet in warmer weather and blankets in cooler weather.


Finding Frank – Bamboo Theatre Show for Tiggers and Poohs Corner children. Friday 9th November at 10.30am. $8 charge added to Friday children in Tiggers and Poohs Corner.

Poohs Corner Graduation – Thursday 15th November 2018 6pm-8pm at Castle Hill Lollipops Playland. Poohs Corner families, please see invite sent.

Wednesday 21st November – Teddy Bears Picnic. Bring along your favourite bear/toy to join us for a picnic.

Thursday 29th November – Dress up day! Come dressed up as colourful as can be or in your favourite dress up.


End of year party at Hunny Pots ELC – Friday 14th December 2018 4pm-6pm


Centre Closure over the Christmas break We will be operating up to and including Friday 21st December 2018 and reopening on Monday 7th January 2019.


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