June 2020 Newsletter


We say it every week, and we will say it again. Thank you so much for your understanding, cooperation and support throughout this time. We really appreciate everyone checking in, submitting the care requirements etc.

We are very grateful that you have all stood by us throughout this crisis.

We were extremely worried to lose our centre – it was a very nerve-racking time! We are pleased to say we have got through the worst of it – we are just hoping for no second wave!

Our team – we knew they were amazing, but this crisis has truly shown their true colours. They have stood by us through it all and have been our greatest support and our greatest reason to fight. They really are amazing and we are extremely grateful to each of them.


Some frequently asked questions from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment page are within this Newsletter for you.

If you have any further questions, we are very happy to assist.

General information:

The information that we know at present is:

The Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package has been extended until the 12th July 2020. The Relief Package was originally scheduled to end on the 28th June 2020. This means families will get two weeks of extra free childcare – very good news for families.

From the 13th July, Child care Subsidy will return.

The 62 initial absence days per child ceases on the 30th June 2020. There will be 42 initial absence days in 2020/21 Financial Year.

Additional absence days to be claimed for COVID19 related reasons without the need for a medical evidence ceases on the 31st December 2020.

What does this mean for Hunny Pots ELC?

We will be operating under this package and its restrictions to the 12th July 2020.

We will continue to ask your care requirements each week up to the 12th July 2020. (sorry)

We will be maintaining our centre restricted hours of 7.30am-5.30pm up to the 12th July 2020 and being restricted to our capped numbers of children attending per day to remain viable.

From the 13th July 2020, fees will be charged to families.

Our Centre hours will return to 7am-6pm.

We will not have to ask what your care requirements are/ hours to be used/ working arrangements are from the 13th July 2020.

We hope to return to our ‘normal’ operations.

COVID19 is still around and the policy will be amended to reflect only COVID19 strategies/procedures e.g.: physical distancing, only attending if fit & healthy, cleaning procedures etc.


Please login to MY GOV to update your income and work arrangements.

More information in the FAQ section.


Please remember to join our Parent Facebook Page – Hunny Pots Early Learning Centre Parent Page 2020.

This is a closed group at present for our existing 2020 families.

A great way to share educator experiences, information and community information.


Children’s portfolios are always available to view at any time.

You are able to request to view it and we will have it ready for you e.g.: Ask on a Monday for that afternoon etc.

We add to the portfolio’s monthly – it is a wonderful opportunity to see the learning that is happening for your child.

We would appreciate any feedback and set goals with you about your child’s development.

Thank you for working in partnership with us.


Please be aware that any minor symptom of cold/flu requires absence from the centre and it is recommended to have a COVID19 test.

We thank our families who have been respecting this and keeping their unwell children at home to recover.

Many children have had COVID19 testing (all negative result) and we thank you all for informing us.

We do ask to be notified of any absences, so we can monitor illnesses.

Clearances/COVID19 negative result must be passed onto the centre upon return.


Our Quality Improvement Plan is constantly being added to with strengths, goals, progress notes and notes on exceeding areas. We appreciate family feedback – surveys/questions being sent via email, our QIP book in the foyer to reflect and make notes for educators and families.

If you would like to contribute to our Quality Improvement Plan – we welcome it!

We appreciate your feedback and support.


During morning and afternoon tea times our children are offered a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables. For Tigger and Poohs Corner families that are required to bring in a piece of fruit daily, we welcome you to bring in vegetables also that can be served raw for our children to increase their vegetable serves!

We thank our Eeyore’s families for bringing in fruit throughout this time – this can cease from the 13th July.

We look forward to seeing the variety of fruit and vegetables in our baskets.


Munch & Move is NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children birth to 5 years by promoting physical activity, healthy eating and reduced small screen time (e.g. watching TV or DVDs, playing on computers and small hand-held games devices).

Hunny Pots ELC has Munch and Move embedded into their program through our menu planning, learning activities and physical activity (fundamental movement skills).

A great link https://www.healthykids.nsw.gov.au/campaigns-programs/resources-for-playgroups-and-parentscarers.aspx


Please be mindful of your children running in the carpark. Too often we are seeing children run from their car to the centre front gate/run from the centre front gate to their car.

This is incredibly dangerous as many families come into the carpark quickly.



Parents must give at least three weeks written notice to the Director before withdrawing their child from Hunny Pots.  If the child does not attend the centre during this period, fees are still payable (please see the below section: A child who has not yet received care or who has ceased receiving care) If the child is withdrawn without notice, three weeks full fees must be paid regardless.

Parents may reduce their child’s days of attendance by giving three weeks’ notice to the Director.

No notice period accepted in December and January for withdrawing or reducing days.

A child who has not yet received care or who has ceased receiving care

Below is from the Child Care Handbook Australian Government Department of Education and Training:

Child Care Subsidy will not be paid for absences where a provider charges a family to reserve a place for a child who has not yet physically started care.

If a child is booked in to start at a service on a particular date, and does not start on that day, no Child Care Subsidy will be paid until the child physically attends a session of care.

Similarly, a child care service is taken to have permanently ceased providing care for a child on the day the child last physically attends a session of care. This means that Child Care Subsidy will not be paid for absences submitted after a child last physically attends a session of care.

If a family has confirmed their child’s last day at a service, but that child does not attend their last booked sessions of care, no Child Care Subsidy will be paid for any days after the child’s last physical attendance at the service.

If a provider continues to charge fees for sessions on days after a child has left the service because the family did not give the agreed period of notice, Child Care Subsidy will not be payable for these sessions of care. If absences are reported in the above circumstances and Child Care Subsidy is incorrectly paid, these amounts will be recovered from the service.

You must attend the last day of care to receive child care subsidy on your last day.


If your child turns 3 years old before the 31st July this year, we will endeavor to move them from Eeyore’s room to Tigger’s room. This is based on there being a position available -We are currently full at the moment; however they are our first priority when positions do become available.

When children move from Eeyore’s to Tigger’s, they participate in orientation; this is to assist with a smooth transition to their new room. They have the opportunity to become familiar with their new teachers and children in the room. The previous teacher will pass on information and observation records of the child to the next teacher to ensure consistency and continuity. Children are to be toilet trained before they go into Tigger’s Place, as there are no nappy changing facilities in this room.

Eeyore’s is the only room we transition mid-year.

All Eeyore children turning 3 years after the 31st July will move up to Tigger’s at the beginning of next year.


If you are referred to a specialist e.g.: speech, occupational therapy etc. please send us an email with your permission to discuss your child’s development with the specialist.

This helps us to work in partnership together whilst respecting confidentiality.


Dress up day! Friday 26th June

Pyjama day! Wednesday 22nd July

Naidoc week – Always was, always will be 5th-12th July 2020


Hunny Pots school photos – Tuesday 11th August, Wednesday 12th August and Thursday 13th August. More information closer to the date.

Tigger’s Place and Poohs Corner NSW Health eye test –Monday 7th, Thursday 10th and Friday 11th  December. More information closer to the date.


We will be asking what your requirements are for 2021 in August this year.

All families must complete the re enrolment forms – no attendances ‘roll over’.

Centre Closure over the Christmas break – We will be operating up to and including Tuesday 22nd December 2020 and reopening on Wednesday 6th January 2020.

Frequently asked questions from


Can I waive gap fees if a child is absent after Relief Package payments cease? 

A key principle and requirement under Family Assistance Law is that all parents who receive CCS should make a co-contribution to their child care fees. The co-contribution (or gap fee) is the total of the fees the parent is liable to pay for sessions of care minus the amount of CCS paid in respect of those fees and sessions.

With CCS payments recommencing from 13 July 2020, providers are obliged to recover gap fees as usual.

What is the CCS hourly rate cap for the 2020-21 financial year? 

The hourly rate caps are the maximum hourly rate used to calculate families’ CCS for each service type. The hourly rate caps are adjusted annually in accordance with CPI.

From 13 July 2020, the CCS hourly rate cap is $12.20 for CBDC;

How should services prepare families for these changes? 

Services should encourage families to check their details are up to date in their Centrelink online account through myGov or Express Plus Centrelink mobile app. This includes their family income estimate for 2020-21.

The process for families to enrol their child in a child care service has not changed with the introduction of the Relief Package payments. Families have been encouraged to continue any new claims for CCS during this period. New enrolments should be reviewed and confirmed by families via their Centrelink online account, to ensure that they are CCS eligible prior to 13 July 2020.

What do families need to do for their CCS to start again? 

Families who were getting CCS before 6 April 2020, won’t need to do anything as long as they have remained eligible. Their CCS will start again automatically on 13 July 2020.

Families should check their details, like their family income estimate for 2020-21, to make sure they’re up to date.

If families are new to child care they should look into CCS now and claim as soon as possible. If families continue using child care from 13 July 2020 but aren’t receiving CCS, they’ll need to pay full fees.

Families who got CCS in 2018-19 and still haven’t confirmed their income for that financial year must do so by 30 June 2020. If they don’t, their CCS will not start again on 13 July 2020.

Will my child/ren need to meet the immunisation requirements? 

Your child must meet immunisation requirements if you receive CCS. To meet the requirements, all of your children need to do one of the following:

If you received CCS and your child stops meeting these requirements, you have 63 days to start meeting them again. If you don’t, your subsidy will stop.

For more information visit the Services Australia website.

Thank you.

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