April 2021 Newsletter


We welcome Miss Shubhanjana to Hunny Pots on Monday 12th April. A new educator in Eeyore’s Spot!

Congratulations to Miss Emma for completing her Diploma in Children’s Services! Miss Emma has accepted a Diploma Educator position at Hunny Pots ELC.


A friendly reminder that it is a health declaration when you sign in/out that you haven’t been to a hot spot.

Please follow NSW Health instructions for self-isolation, quarantine etc.

Children, families and staff with mild symptoms of COVID19 must not attend Hunny Pots ELC.

We thank you for your ongoing cooperation.


Hunny Pots ELC has been a consistent participant with the Munch and Move principles and practices.

The NSW Health Munch and Move project started in February.

We have enjoyed seeing the Munch and Move project for our 3-5 years develop.

Working in partnerships and the contributions from families have been wonderful!

Our children have been proud to show their peers what they have contributed.

Working on an NSW Health project with families has been very rewarding – we are very fortunate to have families who have taken part in the project.


Please inform Hunny Pots ELC either verbally or email about your child being absent.

We ask to know if they are absent due to illness or holidays.

Thank you in advance.


Thank you to all who contribute to our surveys/questionnaires on our Quality areas.

This information assists us with our Quality Improvement Plan/Self-Assessment – as we are always looking at ways to improve.

Our dedicated Educational leaders Miss Jo and Miss Allison put these surveys/questionnaires together and use the information received for critical reflection.

We sent out our Centre Philosophy last week via our software– we appreciate any feedback on our philosophy. Our team have reviewed our Centre Philosophy – this collaboration gives a holistic review of our Centre Philosophy.


Loose parts are an important part of our play! It assists in imaginative and constructive skills. Loose parts refer to natural or synthetic found, bought, or upcycled materials—natural elements – leaves, sticks, hardware, fabric scraps, stones, aluminum foil, paper towel rolls etc.–that children can move, manipulate, control, and change within their play.

If you have any of these loose parts from home to contribute, we would love if you could share them with us.


Hunny Pots ELC family/community is collecting donations for a hamper for a young family affected by the Hawkesbury floods.

We are collecting for a family of five – with a 5-year-old boy, 3-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl.

We are collecting:

Pantry items

Cleaning products

Small gifts for the children (New)

Vouchers – bunnings, Officeworks, Coles/Woolworths

We need all items to be at Hunny Pots ELC by Friday 9th April – they will be dropped off the following week and distributed by the 24th April.

We hope you can join us, in contributing and assisting in this small way.

Please bring the items to the foyer- please encourage your children not to play with the hamper items.


Sustainable practices are an embedded practice at Hunny Pots ELC.

Each room has a roster to ensure composting is achieved.

We have Sustainability officers (educators) for 0-3 years and 3-5 years.

We also have sustainability monitors (children) that include lights, water and garden. This provides children with responsibilities and opportunities for turn taking.


Please remember to bring in a piece of fruit each day your child attends and place in the baskets in the foyer (otherwise bring in a bigger piece of fruit e.g.: watermelon, pineapple, rockmelon for the week)


Parents must give at least three weeks written notice to the Director before withdrawing their child from Hunny Pots.  If the child does not attend the Centre during this period, fees are still payable (please see the below section: A child who has not yet received care or who has ceased receiving care) If the child is withdrawn without notice, three weeks full fees must be paid regardless.

Parents may reduce their child’s days of attendance by giving three weeks’ notice to the Director.

No notice period accepted in December and January for withdrawing or reducing days.

A child who has not yet received care or who has ceased receiving care

Below is from the Child Care Handbook Australian Government Department of Education and Training:

Child Care Subsidy will not be paid for absences where a provider charges a family to reserve a place for a child who has not yet physically started care.

If a child is booked in to start at a service on a particular date, and does not start on that day, no Child Care Subsidy will be paid until the child physically attends a session of care.

Similarly, a child care service is taken to have permanently ceased providing care for a child on the day the child last physically attends a session of care. This means that Child Care Subsidy will not be paid for absences submitted after a child last physically attends a session of care.

If a family has confirmed their child’s last day at a service, but that child does not attend their last booked sessions of care, no Child Care Subsidy will be paid for any days after the child’s last physical attendance at the service.

If a provider continues to charge fees for sessions on days after a child has left the service because the family did not give the agreed period of notice, Child Care Subsidy will not be payable for these sessions of care. If absences are reported in the above circumstances and Child Care Subsidy is incorrectly paid, these amounts will be recovered from the service.


The NSW Health guidelines still state to have a COVID test if you have any COVID symptoms. Please bring in the COVID results upon return.

Please remember, if your child has Panadol or Nurofen in their system, they are not to come to Hunny Pots. You are only masking the symptoms and the illness will spread to other children and our educators.

We are able to administer prescribed antibiotics (after your child has been taking it for 24hours); you will need to complete a medication form (near the sign in/out sheets in foyer).

We are unable to administer any over the counter medication at Hunny Pots e.g.: cough mixtures etc.

We are only able to administer Panadol at Hunny Pots if a child has a temperature of 38 degrees or above and with parent consent.

If your child presents any illness symptoms, we will call you to arrange an immediate pick up.

We will also give you a courtesy call if your child is feeling “off” – no immediate pick up is needed.


Please ensure that throughout the year if your child receives an immunisation e.g.: 12 months, 18months or 4years, you will need to provide your child’s immunisation status record to us.

Due to Government regulations, we are unable to enroll unimmunised children – failure to provide immunisation records = no enrolment.

You are required to keep your child at home for 24hours to monitor any side effects after immunisation/flu shot etc. (please see policy).

We appreciate your cooperation.





Thursday 1st April – Easter Hat Parade 2.15pm-3pm for all children

Please make your child’s hat at home to bring along. The parade will commence promptly at 2.15pm, followed by afternoon tea and conclude at 3.00pm. This is for all children – if your child doesn’t attend on a Thursday and you would like to come along, we would love for you to join us! Come and meet the teachers 😊

An Invitation will be sent out soon.

Please be aware of car parking during this school pick up time.


Sinhalese New Year – 13th & 14th April.

Earth day – 22nd April

Anzac Day – acknowledged at Hunny Pots ELC on Friday 23rd April.

Nature Play week– 26th April



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