JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2022 Newsletter


Welcome to 2022 at Hunny Pots ELC.

A big welcome to our new families and our returning families.

We are so happy to have you here at Hunny Pots ELC. Thank you for the opportunity to care and educate your children.

We are settling new children and assisting the children changing rooms into their new routines.

We are very grateful to all families helping us transition new children and existing children in the rooms. Thank you for completing All about me forms to assist with our programming.


Our COVID policy has been emailed to families.

  • arrival and departure – ONE adult only. Siblings under 5 years may enter – primary aged children are not to enter the service.Please drop off/ pick up at the playroom door.
  • It is strongly recommended to wear a mask for visitors and families for arrival and departure of children.
  • We are encouraging outdoor play as much as possible, to reduce the risk of COVID transmission.
  • Families must email the centre info@hunnypots.com.au if their child has COVID. They must let us know the date your child was tested, when your child got sick (showed symptoms) – we will be looking at the two-day period before they got sick or two days before tested to inform families and staff.
  • Families must alert us if their child is a close contact and needing to isolate. Please let us know the day of testing and isolation period.


Please note the importance of reading your parent handbook. All important and valuable information is in there. You received a copy in your enrolment pack. We also have the parent handbook on our website under the Early Learning Centre/enrolment tab.



Room leader – Miss Emma

Second in charge – Miss Shubhi

Eeyores Spot Team: Miss Katelyn, Miss Chloe and Miss Rokaya


Room leader – Miss Jo

Second in charge – Miss Jess

Tigger Place team: Miss Sophie and Miss Kim

Poohs Corner-

Room leader- Miss Allison

Second in charge- Miss Rupinder

Poohs Corner team: Miss Rhiannon, Miss Kayley, Miss Rhiannon

Assisting in all rooms: Miss Kim, Miss Maisie, Miss Emily, Miss Amanda, Miss Sonia

Cooks: Miss Janelle Monday to Wednesday, Miss Kim Thursday to Friday

Educational leaders/Assistant Directors: Miss Jo and Miss Allison

Miss Monique and Mr Simon will be at the centre Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays.

Miss Jo will be Assistant Director on Monday and Miss Allison will be Assistant Director on Wednesday.


We would like to congratulate Miss Kayley and partner on their exciting news on expecting their first baby! Baby due in July 2022. We are very excited!

We welcome Miss Jemma to Hunny Pots ELC, starting 31st January 2022. Miss Jemma will be commencing her traineeship, studying her Certificate three in Children’s Services, Education and care.

Miss Jemma will be in all rooms assisting.

Miss Sophie will be starting her Diploma in Children’s Services from February 2022.


We invoice fortnightly projecting two weeks ahead. Our invoices are emailed, so please check your email account regularly. The email may appear in your inbox from our software provider HUBHELLO

If your child is new to Hunny Pots ELC, it will take a week for the Child care subsidy to estimate correctly on your invoice.

Invoices are to be paid fortnightly through our direct debit iPay.

We will send invoices first (generally on a Friday) – then process iPay on a Tuesday. This allows families to look at the invoice, look for any CCS changes, prepare for the debit to occur.

Statements are sent out every 3 months. The statement shows the past 3 months payments (receipts), your usage and your Child Care subsidy entitlements (payments).


We have a parent Facebook page “Hunny Pots Early learning Centre parent page”

We also have a Public Facebook page “Hunny Pots Early Learning Centre”

If you are on Facebook, its recommended to join.

We use this as another way to keep you updated.


If you are requiring more permanent days, please send an email to let us know what days you require so we can add to our internal waitlist.

When vacancies arise this is what we refer to first.


Thank you for supplying a copy of your child’s immunisation records and birth certificate.  We must retain these records based on regulations, we appreciate your cooperation.

Please remember to keep us updated on your child’s immunisation status e.g.: when they get their 12month immunisation, 4 years immunisation etc…….

We MUST have your child’s official ACIR History Statement. (Medicare copy) the blue book is no longer acceptable. 

No current immunisation record = no enrolment.


Wet bags are available to purchase from the office for $10 cash.

We don’t use plastic bags in the centre, so please ensure you have a we bag in your child’s bag so we can place wet items hygienically.


Office hours are:

Monday: 9am-3pm Miss Jo

Tuesday: 9am-3pm Miss Monique

Wednesday: 9am-3pm Miss Allison

Thursday: 9am-3pm Miss Monique

Friday: 9am-3pm Miss Monique

School holidays: The office is open 9am/9.30am – 3pm.


Please be aware that we charge for all absences; illness, family holidays, school holidays etc.

There is no reduced fee for any extended leave. If you require your position when you return, you need to hold this position by continuing to pay for it.

We do charge for public holidays and provide a make-up day for this.  Please contact the office to organise a suitable day when there is a spot available. Make up days are for the calendar year.

Please let the office know via email or phone if you are away on holidays (dates) or if your child is sick by 8.30am that day.

You are entitled to 42 absences within a financial year (52 absences this financial year – due to COVID) to still receive CCS payments. If your child has attended another service within the financial year, any absences they may have had will also show on our records.

For more information on absences, please read your parent handbook.


As a legal requirement and for safety regulations and insurance purposes you are asked to sign your child in and out daily.  We have the digital sign in/out kiosk on the iPads in the foyer.

You will be asked (from the Government) to confirm any absences (approx. a month later) and to confirm any attendances that staff have had to sign your child in or out for. We submit attendances weekly. If you need to clarify anything please see Monique, Simon, Jo or Allison.

Please take your child to their room or to the group and get them settled. Please make sure that a staff member is aware of your child’s arrival and departure.

Only people authorised by the child’s parents are allowed to collect their child. All authorised people must be over 18 years old. Appropriate identification will be required.

We are licensed from 7am – 6pm.

We are unable to take your child before 7am and you must collect your child before 6pm.


It is not acceptable that children are picked up late from the centre. The centre is able to open for specific periods as per our license from the State Government and approval from the Local Councils. Staff are employed to work those hours and have a right to finish work at the agreed time. Late shift staff delayed from finishing on time may suffer public transport delays etc and may have their own family commitments that need to be met.

           Late fee:  $20 after 6pm (any period of time 6pm to 6.15pm e.g.: you come at 6.05pm it will be $20) after 6.15pm it is $30 from (6.15pm-6.30) and $2 per minute after 6.30pm. E.g.: if you come at 6.20pm it will be a $50 late fee.

*** It is best to have nearby emergency contacts that can help you pick up your child if you are going to be late.


Parents must give at least three weeks written notice to the Director before withdrawing their child from Hunny Pots ELC.  If the child does not attend the centre during this period, fees are still payable (please see the below section: A child who has not yet received care or who has ceased receiving care) If the child is withdrawn without notice, three weeks full fees must be paid regardless.

Parents may reduce their child’s days of attendance by giving three weeks’ notice to the Director.

No notice period accepted in December and January for withdrawing or reducing days.

A child who has not yet received care or who has ceased receiving care

Below is from the Child Care Handbook Australian Government Department of Education and Training:

Child Care Subsidy will not be paid for absences where a provider charges a family to reserve a place for a child who has not yet physically started care.

If a child is booked in to start at a service on a particular date, and does not start on that day, no Child Care Subsidy will be paid until the child physically attends a session of care.

Similarly, a child care service is taken to have permanently ceased providing care for a child on the day the child last physically attends a session of care. This means that Child Care Subsidy will not be paid for absences submitted after a child last physically attends a session of care.

If a family has confirmed their child’s last day at a service, but that child does not attend their last booked sessions of care, no Child Care Subsidy will be paid for any days after the child’s last physical attendance at the service.

If a provider continues to charge fees for sessions on days after a child has left the service because the family did not give the agreed period of notice, Child Care Subsidy will not be payable for these sessions of care. If absences are reported in the above circumstances and Child Care Subsidy is incorrectly paid, these amounts will be recovered from the service.


If your child turns 3 years old before the 31st July, we will endeavor to move them from Eeyore’s room to Tigger’s room. This is based on there being a position available – we will do our best to hold positions however, we can only keep a position open for a short period of time.

When children move to the next room they participate in orientation, this is to assist with a smooth transition to their new room. They have the opportunity to become familiar with their new teachers and children in the room. The previous teacher will pass on information and observation records of the child to the next teacher to ensure consistency and continuity. Please have a conversation with the new room teachers to discuss future goals, any concerns and confirm any allergies.

Children are to be toilet trained before they go into Tigger’s Place, as there are no nappy changing facilities in this room.

Transitioning from Eeyore’s to Tigger’s is the only room we transition from mid year.  Tigger’s and Poohs Corner placements are for the full year.

Please read our daily diary (via email) to see what your children are learning and have done each day.  Always have a look for any upcoming projects you can contribute to.

Please place water drink bottles in our esky.

Please write in our weekend book about what you have been up to, learning about, current interests.


Please remember to label all items to prevent any lost property.

Please also dress your child appropriately for the weather – while it is nice to be in a singlet top or dress, this doesn’t promote sun safety at the centre. All children must wear T shirts – no Singlet tops, muscle tops or strap dresses. Please remember to supply your child with the correct hat – NO BASEBALL CAPS. ALL children must wear a hat outside – if they don’t have a suitable hat, we do have spares or they have to stay under the covered area.

Please pack spare clothing in your child’s bag to ensure they have clothing for any incidents.

Appropriate footwear is also requested – NO THONGS.

Sandals, running shoes or closed in shoes etc are allowed. This helps the children to play and climb appropriately without encouraging accidents e.g.: falling over.


Thursday 27th January – Australia Day celebrations! Come dressed in Green or Gold or Australian flag colours Blue, Red and White.

Tuesday 1st February – Chinese New Year. Come dressed in red!

Monday 14th February – Celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Friday  25th   February  – Tell a Fairy tale day. Dress up as your favourite fairy tale character.

We look forward to a fantastic year with you all!



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