December 2015 Newsletter


To all of our Hunny Pots families, we wish you a very special Christmas and a safe New Year.

We thank you for your enrolments, support and the opportunity to teach your children this year.

We love being a part of your children’s lives and value this responsibility.

Simon and I have embraced being service operators this year and have taken this responsibility with great pride and honour.

We are very excited about 2016!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated staff who provide your children with love, care and an educational program everyday in an enthusiastic and fun way. We would not be able to run the centre in the way we do without them. They have embraced our changes with enthusiasm and love. THANK YOU!

We hope you get the opportunity to enjoy your time with family and friends over the Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you in January 2016!



We will be operating up to and including Tuesday 22nd December. All current enrolments will be to this date.

We return on Wednesday 6th January 2016.  All existing enrolments will commence from the 6th January.  If you are on holidays in January, please let us know.



I will be sending the final invoice for 2015 on Monday 7th December.

This invoice will cover from 7th– 22nd December 2015.

Please have all accounts finalised by Friday 18th December.



Every day, every week is always loads of fun, however we will have an action packed FUN week for the end of the year!

TUESDAY 15TH DECEMBER – Water day! Bring swimmers, rashie shirt, towel, dry clothes, water toys

WEDNESDAY 16TH DECEMBER – Face painting and party games.

THURSDAY 17TH DECEMBER- Water day! Bring swimmers, rashie shirt, towel, dry clothes, water toys



TUESDAY 22ND DECEMBER – Last day fun.



Goodbye to many families in Pooh’s Corner who have children going off to school next year!

We have had many families be a part of the centre for several years, as all of their children have gone through the centre. To those families who it is your last child leaving Hunny Pots, we wish you love, luck and happiness. Please come back and say hello – we always love to keep in touch!

To the children going to school in 2016 – we wish you the best of luck and we would love to see you in the New Year in your school uniform!



Your child’s portfolio and end of year report will be available on our last full week of the year eg: 14th-18th December.

This will also come with your child’s room DVD – a collection of photos from throughout the year.

Portfolio’s and DVD’s will only be handed out to families with no outstanding fees.



We have many children moving rooms next year! They have been participating in our orientation process to become aware of their new room and the routine. It would be great if you could talk at home about your child’s new room next year to help them understand the transition. All children move into their new rooms for the start of the new year. Thank you.



I have included our Social Networking Usage Policy below.

Please read this policy to better understand professional relationships and usage of social media regarding Hunny Pots.


Eeyore’s Spot – Miss Natalie(T,W,Th,F), Miss Kayley, Miss Shazia and Miss Rhiannon(M,T,Th,F) and Miss Jade.

Tigger’s Place – Miss Jo, Miss Malena and Miss Taylor.

Pooh’s Corner – Miss Allison (M,T,W), Miss Rupinder, Miss Kim, Miss Jess and Miss Olivia (Th & Fri). Miss Maria will be working in the room Wednesday and Fridays. We have 4 educators in the room for support work for additional needs for the care environment.

Miss Brittany will be our new trainee (starting in February) assisting all rooms with rostered days off, annual leave and programming release.


We are looking forward to our end of year party this Friday afternoon/evening! – our children have been practicing their songs for you with excitement. It’s always a lovely afternoon/evening to spend time with families.


On Thursday 17th December Pooh’s Corner will have their graduation party at Lollipop’s Playland, Castle Hill.

We will meet you there, payment into Lollipops is made at the main counter.

Supper will be served at 6.30/6.45pm.

It is always a lovely evening to see the children playing and the families having a chance to chat and catch up. The graduation is a lovely informal ceremony to celebrate the children finishing preschool.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Centre Closure over the Christmas break – We will be operating up to and including Tuesday 22nd December 2015. We will re open on Wednesday 6th January 2016.

The office will be closed for the 2 weeks – no emails or phone messages will be responded to until Wednesday 6th January during this closure time.



Social Networking Usage Policy

To ensure that our service, children, educators or families are not compromised on any form of social networking or related website.


A social networking website can be defined as a website used to socialise or communicate. These include but are not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (including usage on any device such as the internet, mobile telephone or tablet).

  • Our stance on social networking websites is that they are for personal use only and should not be accessed while the educator is working.
  • No relationships should be made with families on these sites. This is breaching our centre policy.
  • Educators who can access a social networking site via their mobile phones are not to do so during work time (only in breaks) and are not to use their camera or video phones to take photos/pictures while at the service.
  • No information about what happens at the service should be posted on a social networking website, nor should any photos taken at the service be put on a social networking website. If an educator does put photos of a child or children enrolled at the service on a social networking website, families will immediately be contacted. If possible, the social networking website will be contacted to delete the photos. The educator will face an inquiry into their actions and possibly face termination of employment.
  • Please be aware that social networking websites are not a private means of communication but can be accessed by the public, therefore, it is important not to share private information about service families or other educators on social networking websites. Should you do so, the educator will face an inquiry into the situation by Nominated Supervisor and any involved party and depending on the severity of the situation face possible termination of employment.
  • Should harassment of any kind take place on a social networking site, such as, but not limited to, sexual or verbal harassment, educators will face an inquiry into their actions and depending on the severity of the situation face possible termination of employment.
  • Should a family member related to the service harass an educator via a social networking website, the Nominated Supervisor will conduct an inquiry into their actions and depending on the severity of the situation face possible termination of employment/termination of their child’s place at our service.
  • Our Hunny Pots ELC name is not to be mentioned on social networking forums. All educators will maintain professional whilst on these forums – not defaming Hunny Pots in anyway.
  • This policy also complies with state and national laws regarding social networking websites. Should an educator break the law on a social networking website, such as, but not limited to, defamation, the service will contact the police and other relevant authorities.
  • A Hunny Pots ELC staff facebook page has been set up for current employees to use. This is to use for reflection and sharing professional ideas. Employees who leave Hunny Pots will be removed from this group page.

National Quality Standard
Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011

The policy will be reviewed annually.

The review will be conducted by:

  • Management
  • Employees
  • Families
  • Interested Parties


Last reviewed: September 2015     Date for next review: September 2016



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