March 2016 Newsletter


MISS KAYLEY’S MESSAGE: This year I have made a brave decision to participate in the world’s greatest shave!

I am excited to share that i will be cutting off my long hair and donating my pony tail to create wigs for cancer patients.

Getting sponsored to shave, cut or colour your hair is an extraordinary way to help people with leukemia, lymphoma and melanoma, but I can’t do it alone.

If you would like to help support me in this cause please click on the link below!

Thank you for your support!

Miss Kayley

Thank you to the families who have already donated! So far Miss Kayley has raised over $1300! You can still donate by clicking on the link.

We celebrated Crazy hair day on the FRIDAY 11TH MARCH – we coloured hair, had funny hair styles etc. Gold coin donations supported the Leukemia Foundation.

We raised $75.90! Thank you very much to everyone for contributing.



Please be aware, with the change of season will come extra colds etc, cooler mornings and warm afternoons.

Please dress your child accordingly for the morning and we will change them, if necessary, throughout the day.

Please pack spare clothes for all seasons.


Please ensure you label EVERYTHING. This helps us to place appropriate items into the correct child’s bag. Please be aware, that in Tigger’s Place and Pooh’s Corner we encourage the children to look after their own belongings (a school readiness skill). Having items labeled helps us, when things are left behind, to be able to return them to you. If you have any items in your child’s bag that don’t belong to them – please return as they may have been placed in the incorrect bag.


We received the Long Day Care National Partnership Grant for children 4-5 years old last year. We have been utilizing this grant to upgrade our school readiness experiences and resources linking to the Early Years Learning Framework.


We are having a great variety of fruit coming in. Please remember to bring in a piece of fruit each day your child attends and place in the baskets in the foyer (otherwise bring in a bigger piece of fruit eg: watermelon, pineapple, rockmelon for the week)


It is recommended that the children’s drink bottles have a lid to protect the mouth piece to avoid cross contamination. The drink bottles go into our eskies – if they fall over, the mouth pieces can touch each other. Our teachers do stand them up and encourage the children to do the same – however if they have a lid, this would be a more hygienic option.


By using the Professional development funding received, our educators have been mentored through Centre Support in Educational Practices.

After the coaching/mentoring we received training on extending upon children’s interests, co constructing upon family goals and input.


Please write in our weekend books! The information you put in there is so valuable.  The Weekend Book’s are for each room – this really enhances our partnership with families and allows us to plan activities based on children’s interest.

It’s not just for the weekend activities.  Let us know what you have been up to! From this information, we have a discussion with your child and plan activities based on this interest. You will see our daily diaries in the foyer showing the link from your comments to the daily events.


MONDAY 14TH MARCH – SUSTAINABILITY SHOW. 10AM FOR Tiggers and Poohs Corner children. $8 per child will be charged to your invoice for MONDAY children only.

MONDAY 21ST MARCH – HARMONY DAY. Wear orange and participate in inclusive experiences.

WEDNESDAY 23RD MARCH EASTER HAT PARADE @ 2.15pm – 2.45/3.00pm.

Please make your child’s hat at home to bring along. The parade will commence promptly at 2.15pm, followed by afternoon tea and conclude at 2.45/3.00pm. This is for all children – if your child doesn’t attend on a Wednesday and you would like to come along, we would love for you to join us!

Please RSVP on the sheet near the sign in/out folders for catering reasons.

Please be aware of car parking during this school pick up time.

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