June 2016 Newsletter

Our dedicated teachers are working on our new developmental record system.

Our strength trees are a great way to demonstrate what your child has been doing, achieving and goals we are setting throughout the year. We would love for you to provide feedback on your child’s progress, letting us know any interests we could follow and any goals you may have. We will add these to our strength trees – each strength tree has a cycle of two months.

The Strength trees are displayed in each room – they are an ongoing document to add to.

Due to this new comprehensive way of recording all developmental records – we won’t be doing our informal half yearly reports. This new system outweighs all previous formats. We look forward to working in continued partnership with you.

We invite you to our coffee and portfolio afternoon.

Coffee and Portfolio afternoon – 18th – 22nd July 4pm-5pm. Come along to have a cuppa and look through your child’s portfolio.  Staff will be maintaining ratios with the children. All portfolios will be in Pooh’s Corner to view while having a hot drink (no children near hot drinks please)


During morning and afternoon tea times our children are offered a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables. For Tigger and Poohs Corner families that are required to bring in a piece of fruit daily, we welcome you to bring in vegetables also that can be served raw for our children to increase their vegetable serves!  We look forward to seeing the variety of fruit and vegetables in our baskets.


Miss Natalie is pregnant! We wish Miss Natalie, her husband Wayne and daughter Georgia all the best during this exciting time.


To assist with your Child Care Benefit and/or Child Care Rebate payments, please ensure your account is finalised by the 30/6/15. Thank you.


If your child turns 3 years old before the 31st July this year, we will endeavor to move them from Eeyore’s room to Tigger’s room. This is based on there being a position available – they are our first priority when positions do become available.

When children move from Eeyores to Tiggers, they participate in orientation; this is to assist with a smooth transition to their new room. They have the opportunity to become familiar with their new teachers and children in the room. The previous teacher will pass on information and observation records of the child to the next teacher to ensure consistency and continuity. Children are encouraged to be toilet trained before they go into Tigger’s Place, as there are no nappy changing facilities in this room.

Eeyore’s is the only room we transition mid year.

All Eeyore children turning 3 years after the 31st July will move up to Tigger’s at the beginning of next year.


If you are referred to a specialist e.g.: speech, occupational therapy etc please send us an email with your permission to discuss your child’s development with the specialist.

This helps us to work in partnership together whilst respecting confidentiality.


Please open and hold the car door for your children while they are entering and exiting the car. It is very easy for doors to open wide and hit another car accidently.


We have ongoing training for our educational practices. We have had regular coaching from Julianne from centre Support who comes out to mentor the educators then provides training based on our requirements. Julianne will be back on Tuesday 14th June for coaching and staff training on Tuesday 28th June.


Performance for Tiggers and Poohs Corner children – Thursday 30th June. Turban, ties and Turkish slippers – storytelling. $8.00 per child for Tiggers and Poohs children who attend Thursday. The $8.00 will be added to your account.


We will be asking what your requirements are for 2017 in early August this year.

Centre Closure over the Christmas break – We will be operating up to and including Wednesday 21st December 2016 and reopening on Thursday 5th January 2017.

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