July 2016 Newsletter


We welcome Miss Caroline to our team. Miss Caroline is our new trainee, she will be with us during her 12 month contract completing her Certificate Three in children’s services.

She will be in all rooms assisting with the relief of educators programming, rostered days off, long service leave etc.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank families for supporting us with reducing the spread of infection.

We have noticed many families keeping their children home to rest and recover. This is very much appreciated.

Please remember, if your child has Panadol or Nurofen in their system, they are not to come to Hunny Pots. You are only masking the symptoms and the illness will spread to other children and our educators.

We are able to administer prescribed antibiotics (after your child has been taking it for 24hours), you will need to complete a medication form (near the sign in/out sheets in foyer).

We are unable to administer any over the counter medication at Hunny Pots eg: cough mixtures etc.

We are only able to administer Panadol at Hunny Pots if a child has a temperature of 38 degrees or above and with parent consent.

If your child presents any illness symptoms, we will call you to arrange an immediate pick up.

We will also give you a courtesy call if your child is feeling “off” – no immediate pick up is needed.

There is an interesting article from the Raising Children Network website regarding Colds (illness). It’s an informative read and handy to know in Winter.



“Colds are more common in the winter months. Cold weather by itself doesn’t increase the chance of getting a cold, but people are in closer contact with each other because they stay indoors. This means they’re more likely to infect each other”. Quoted from the article link.

This is why we monitor the weather and in suitable conditions, we go outside for our physical play.

There is a quote “There is no such thing as inappropriate weather, just inappropriate clothing”.

Please ensure your child has suitable clothing to wear outside eg: jacket, jumper, long pants etc and is able to remove their jacket etc inside.


Miss Jo, Miss Rupinder and Miss Shazia will be attending a weekend Early Childhood conference on Coogee from Friday 29th July to Sunday 31st July.


NAIDOC week  – 7th – 14th July

Coffee and Portfolio afternoon – DATE CHANGE 25th – 29TH July 4pm-5pm.

Come along to have a cuppa and look through your child’s portfolio.  Staff will be maintaining ratios with the children. All portfolios will be in Pooh’s Corner to view while having a hot drink (no children near hot drinks please)

School Readiness for families –

Parkela Public School: Monday 25th July at 5pm.

We have invited for Caddies Creek Public School and Holy Cross Catholic School to visit our centre to present a school readiness talk – to be confirmed.

Monday 8th August -POOHS CORNER ROAD TO RIO DANCE – A fun incursion to celebrate the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympic games! 10.30am. $8 per child for our Monday Poohs Corner children will be added to your invoice.


We will be asking what your requirements are for 2017 early August.

Centre Closure over the Christmas break – We will be operating up to and including Wednesday 21st December 2016 and reopening on Thursday 5th January 2017.


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