August 2016 Newsletter


It with great sadness that Miss Natalie has resigned from Hunny Pots, finishing on Friday 9th September.


It with great sadness that Miss Natalie has resigned from Hunny Pots, finishing on Friday 9th September. Miss Natalie is currently pregnant with her second child and is looking forward to maternity leave, being a mum and later on looking at work closer to home. She currently drives at least an hour to come to Hunny Pots each day!

Miss Natalie started as a trainee 5 years ago, achieving her Certificate three in Children’s Services and also completing her Diploma in Children’s Services. We have been honoured to see Natalie grow as an educator and wish her every success in life.

We will have an afternoon tea on Friday 9th September (also White Balloon Day) at 2.30pm for Miss Nataile – you are very welcome to join us.


Re enrolments are due for 2017 by Friday 26th August. All existing enrolments need to complete this form to let us know your requirements for 2017.


We would like to invite all our fathers to come along for an afternoon tea with their child/ren on Thursday 1st September from 2.30-4.00PM.

This year we will have construction and sports play with the father’s. Please come along to spend some quality time with your child.

If your child doesn’t attend on Thursdays, you are welcome to join us for the afternoon tea/ play with your child/ren.

We will send out an invite shortly and there will be an RSVP list in the foyer soon so we can cater accordingly.


A friendly reminder for all Tigger’s and Pooh’s Corner families to bring a piece of fruit in each day their child attends.

You are encouraged to alternate between vegetables and fruit that can be eaten raw – to be added to our fruit and vegetable platters for morning and afternoon tea.


If you have immunised your child recently e.g.: 1yr immunisation, 18mth chicken pox immunisation, 4yr old immunisation, please provide us with the updated record of this immunisation.

We must have a copy of your child’s up to date immunisation status on the premises.

No immunisation = no enrolment. This is a government regulation.

Also, please provide us with a copy of your child’s birth certificate.

Please check with the office if you are unsure if we have these documents.


Everyday our educators spend a lot of time writing/typing up the curriculum plan and daily diary to show families what we have been doing with your children throughout the day.

Our daily diary includes our Learning stories, weekend book extensions etc. This is located in our foyer.

The curriculum planner is with us at all times. It starts in Tiggers place in the morning for all rooms to write up experiences. When Eeyores transition to their room at 8am, their planner goes to their room with them and returns to Eeyores at 5pm. Likewise, Tiggers stays in their room and Poohs corner starts and finishes in Tiggers but goes to their room when they have separated from Tiggers.

This documents children’s learning, spontaneous experiences, learning stories and assists with future planning. We encourage families to take the time to read their child’s room planner and contribute to the program and/or offer feedback.

Families who write in the weekend book see their child’s interest develop into a fun learning experience. It enriches the children’s learning as families are able to discuss this learning with their children.

Thank you to those families who contribute – our programming is better for it! This assists in motivating our educators, knowing that families read their hard work.

If you haven’t read the curriculum planner before – please take this opportunity to stop for

1-2 minutes and read about your child’s day. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.


This week (15th-19th August) we will be having Safety Skills week. This is a fun way to keep up to date on our first aid and safety skills. Our educators will have a spontaneous fire drill, safety checks (safe items to be found when checking the yard each morning), practice first aid (broken ankle), practice first aid for a pretend anaphylaxis reaction. ALL PRETEND DRILLS.


Please ensure all items are labeled e.g.: drink bottles, clothing, hats etc. It is very difficult to rely on staff to know who belongs to what each day (we have 115 children each week!)

This is also a great task for Pooh’s Corner to achieve – looking after their belongings for school readiness.


We are very thankful to utilise Professional Development funding for our educators over a 3 year period.

In December 2013, the Australian Government announced that it will make the single biggest investment ever in professional development for child care and early learning educators in Long Day Care. The new Long day Care Professional Development Program will provide educators with assistance to meet the qualification requirements under the National Quality framework (NQF) and to improve practice to deliver quality outcomes for children.  This allows our educators to attend training and keep up to date with current practices.


Monique attended a webinar on educator personality styles on the 4th August.

Simon and Monique attended a Leadership course on the 8th August.

Miss Kayley will attend a Room leader course on the 30th August.


Mini Olympics – opening ceremony and games. Monday 22nd August.

Mini Olympics – closing ceremony and games. Thursday 25th August.

Yellow Day – Friday 26th August.Wear YELLOW for Daffodil Day. Gold coin donation.

Father’s afternoon tea – Thursday 1st September. 2.30-4.00PM.

Lah Lah Big Live band show – Tuesday 6th September! 10am. Tiggers and Poohs. $10 per child will be added to your invoice.

White Balloon Day – Friday 9th September. Wear WHITE to raise awareness for child protection. Gold coin donation available all week.

Miss Natalie’s last day afternoon tea – Friday 9th September 2.30pm.

Centre Closure over the Christmas breakWe will be operating up to and including Wednesday 21st December 2016 and reopening on Thursday 5th January 2017.

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