October 2017 Newsletter


In November, children from Eeyores and Tiggers Place will be participating in orientation if they are moving up a room for 2018.

We will do this in small groups to ensure ratios are being met. If your child has participated in orientation, we will let you know. We will be working closely with all families on any strategies to assist with our transitions.

Children participating in orientation for BIG school are to be taken by their parents/family and returned to Hunny Pots by their family. Due to regulations, we cannot take or pick up the children from school orientation.


We ask that you keep your child at home due to any illness. We do understand how hard it is to juggle sick children and work commitments. We have had a difficult winter and now spring with children and staff illnesses. We are receiving alerts from NSW Health of the illnesses in our community and we are doing our best to minimize the spread of infection.

Children’s health (and our staff’s health) is a high priority of ours.

By keeping your child at home to fully recover from an illness will prevent spreading the illness to other children.

Our policy does state that any child that has been sent home from Hunny Pots with a high temperature (over 38) or vomiting/diarrhea needs to stay home for the next 24 hours.

***13/10/17 – The NSW Health alert for gastroenteritis states 48hr exclusion from the last symptom of vomiting and/or diarrhea.

We thank you for your cooperation in keeping our children and staff healthy.


It is a regulation to sign your child in upon arrival and sign out upon departure each day your child attends.

The clock is located behind the sign in/out sheets – we require a time in/out with an initial.

An authorised person over 18years must sign in/out.


We have had a lot of questions lately regarding family holidays.

The information highlighted below is in your parent handbook.  All families signed their consent form, upon enrolment, to say they have read the handbook and agree to the terms.

If a child is to be absent, parents are asked to notify the centre as soon as possible, and inform the centre of the estimated length of absence. Please let the centre know if your child is ill with an infectious disease to allow staff to keep an eye out for similar symptoms in other children.

Absences are still to be paid for e.g.: illness, day off, school holidays or family holidays etc.

If you wish to take an extended holiday and require your position to be available upon return, you will need to pay for this position throughout the leave time. If you choose to cancel your child’s enrolment, we unfortunately cannot guarantee your child’s position on your return.

We respect the family’s decision to either keep the position or cancel their child’s enrolment – however, we always remind each family about our lengthy waitlist. When you have given your two weeks’ notice – we fill this position immediately. It is difficult to get this position back.


All Pooh’s Corner enrolments finish on Friday 22nd December 2017.  We can apply your bond back to your account if the balance owing is less than the bond being held.  Any credit, after the last CCB/CCR payments have cleared, will be refunded to you early/mid January 2018. Please provide your bank details to ensure this smooth process.

We will be putting a list of the names of Pooh’s Corner children on the laundry door – please write in the name of the school your child is attending for 2018. For those children returning to Hunny Pots in 2018, please proudly write HUNNY POTS!


Please remember, our Sun Protection Policy states for all children to wear a broad brimmed, legionnaire’s style hat, or bucket style hat – NO BASEBALL HATS ALOWED.

Also, children must wear clothing that covers their shoulders – NO SINGLETS, STRAP DRESSES, MUSCLE TOPS OR THONGS ALLOWED.

This is to encourage lifelong sun protection skills for your child.


Miss Prabh has joined our Hunny Pots team. She is currently working predominately in Eeyore’s but also assists in Tiggers and Poohs Corner. We welcome her to our team.


We are continuing to implement Transition to School Statements for the children going to school next year.

Our Pooh’s Corner teachers are currently working on the statements – with family consent, these statements will be sent electronically to the school their child is attending November.

Families will complete a consent form for this information to be passed on.

We are honored to be working in partnership with families and schools to transition our children to school in 2018.




–      End of Year Party – Friday 1st DECEMBER from 4.30pm at Hunny Pots ELC.


–      Pooh’s Corner Lollipops Graduation Party – Thursday 30th November 2017 6-8pm at Castle Hill Lollipops Playland. More details to follow.


–      Centre Closure over the Christmas break – We will be operating up to and including Friday 22nd December 2017 and reopening on Monday 8th January 2018.


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