December 2020 Newsletter


What a year! One many of us will never forget!

It becomes a great time to reflect and look at the big picture.

Simon and Monique would like to sincerely thank you all for your support, care, understanding this year.  We would also love the thank you for the opportunity to love, educate and care for your beautiful children.

Being seen as essential workers, front line workers has allowed our profession to be seen differently.

We thank our amazing team – they truly have shown their love, passion and enthusiasm for our centre. We are united more than ever to look after each other and be a family.

We hope you too get the opportunity to reflect on your year. To look at the year and count our blessings.

Thank you – Simon and Monique


We will be operating up to and including Tuesday 22nd December. All current enrolments will be to this date.

Poohs Corner enrolments are finalised from the 22/12/19 – unless January care has been arranged with Monique.

We return on Wednesday 6th January 2021.  All existing enrolments will commence from the 6th January.



Room leader – Miss Kayley

Second in charge – Miss Emma W

Eeyores Spot Team: Miss Emma G, Miss Katelyn, Miss Chloe



Room leader – Miss Jo

Second in charge – Miss Jess

Tigger Place team: Miss Kim, Miss Maisie


Poohs Corner-

Room leader- Miss Allison

Second in charge- Miss Rupinder

Poohs Corner team: Miss Rhiannon, Miss Elise


Miss Kim will assist all rooms.

Miss Sophie predominately in 3-5 years.

Miss Emily assisting in all rooms

Miss Amanda assisting in all rooms


Educational leaders/Assistant Directors: Miss Jo and Miss Allison


Miss Monique and Mr Simon will be at the centre Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays.

Miss Jo will be Assistant Director on Monday and Miss Allison will be Assistant Director on Wednesday.



Miss Jane finishes her contract– her last day will be the 22/12/2020. We wish Miss Jane all the best in her future endeavors.

New educators- Miss Sophie joined our team on the 23rd November as a Certificate three trainee.

Miss Chloe and Miss Maisie will join Hunny Pots as a Certificate three trainees from the 6th January 2021.

We love supporting and nurturing passionate educators joining our wonderful profession.



Please let us know if you will be away in January.

Please send an email to with the dates of absence.

Thank you



We are having fun activities throughout December to celebrate our end of year.

Friday 4th December – Incursion “Celebrations performance” 10.30am for Tiggers and Poohs Corner. (no charge to families)

Teddy Bears picnic for Eeyore’s – a favourite teddy bear to join in with activities.

Thursday 10th December – All rooms – Pyjama day and Movie day.

Monday 14th December – All rooms – Disco day – Party Games

Tuesday 22nd December – All rooms – Dress up in Christmas colours/Christmas outfits



Goodbye to many families in Pooh’s Corner who have children going off to school next year!

We have had many families be a part of the centre for several years, as all of their children have gone through the centre. To those families who it is your last child leaving Hunny Pots, we wish you love, luck and happiness. Please come back and say hello – we always love to keep in touch!

To the children going to school in 2021 – we wish you the best of luck and we would love to see you in the New Year in your school uniform!

Poohs Corner enrolments are finalized from the 22/12/20.

Please provide the office with the nominated bank details to refund the bond in the New Year.



We have many children moving rooms next year! They have been participating in our orientation process to become aware of their new room and the routine. It would be great if you could talk at home about your child’s new room next year to help them understand the transition. All children move into their new rooms for the start of the New Year. Thank you.



Wet bags are available in the office for $10 cash. We don’t use plastic bags in the centre.

Prevent wet clothing going into your child’s school bag – get a wet bag from the office or ask an educator. A great sustainable way to keep wet clothing separate.



Parents must give at least three weeks written notice to the Director before withdrawing their child from Hunny Pots.  If the child does not attend the centre during this period, fees are still payable (please see the below section: A child who has not yet received care or who has ceased receiving care) If the child is withdrawn without notice, three weeks full fees must be paid regardless.

Parents may reduce their child’s days of attendance by giving three weeks’ notice to the Director.

No notice period accepted in December and January for withdrawing or reducing days.

A child who has not yet received care or who has ceased receiving care

Below is from the Child Care Handbook Australian Government Department of Education and Training:

Child Care Subsidy will not be paid for absences where a provider charges a family to reserve a place for a child who has not yet physically started care.

If a child is booked in to start at a service on a particular date, and does not start on that day, no Child Care Subsidy will be paid until the child physically attends a session of care.

Similarly, a child care service is taken to have permanently ceased providing care for a child on the day the child last physically attends a session of care. This means that Child Care Subsidy will not be paid for absences submitted after a child last physically attends a session of care.

If a family has confirmed their child’s last day at a service, but that child does not attend their last booked sessions of care, no Child Care Subsidy will be paid for any days after the child’s last physical attendance at the service.

If a provider continues to charge fees for sessions on days after a child has left the service because the family did not give the agreed period of notice, Child Care Subsidy will not be payable for these sessions of care. If absences are reported in the above circumstances and Child Care Subsidy is incorrectly paid, these amounts will be recovered from the service.

You must attend the last day of care to receive child care subsidy on your last day.



As stated in your confirmation email.

Start date for your 2021 confirmed enrolments will be Wednesday 6th January 2021.

No withdrawal of enrolment/reduction of days will be accepted throughout December and January.

Reducing confirmed days for 2020 after the Tuesday 18th September (eg: reducing days from 5 days to 2 days) will mean you to forfeit your bond for the days reduced.

Withdrawing your child’s enrolment for 2020 after Tuesday 18th September will forfeit your full bond.

Your child’s current enrolment pattern must be ongoing throughout 2020 to maintain your confirmed 2021 enrolment. Any notice / withdrawal / reduction will void this 2021 confirmation.

Payment of the bond secures your position and confirms your understanding of the above agreement.


As part of our reflective practices, Hunny Pots ELC always appreciates constructive feedback. Please send through an email telling us what you like seeing at Hunny Pots and if there are any areas we could work on. This helps us for our Quality Improvement Plan to always improve our service.


Centre Closure over the Christmas breakWe will be operating up to and including Tuesday 22nd December 2020. We will re-open on Wednesday 6th January 2021.

The office will be closed for the 2 weeks – no emails or phone messages will be responded to until Wednesday 6th January during this closure time.

Thank you.


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