November 2016 Newsletter


This year has been a very quick one!

We are already thinking of fun experiences for next year, where our dedicated educators will be in 2017, confirming enrolments for 2017 (only a few vacancies left!) printing reports and finalising our children’s portfolio’s.


We are reviewing our educational program. It has been over a year since we introduced our Weekend Book. This has been a wonderful extension to our curriculum to work in partnership with our families and children.

Our strength trees have really connected our children’s goals with their interests. Again working in partnership with our families to work on a common goal has truly been a benefit to our children’s learning.

We have curriculum books on our rooms that hold all of the children’s daily learning – this will now be displayed in the foyer to demonstrate the amount of individualized learning and activities presented to the children. They are working documents that include the educators writing what learning has developed, showing links to learning, interests and goals. It isn’t meant to be ‘pretty’ – it is true learning and documentation. We will continue with our daily diaries to show you our extension of learning from Weekend book contributions and learning stories.

We look forward to your feedback.


We are very passionate about the process of children’s artwork at Hunny Pots. We want the children to be creative from their expressive artwork and for it to represent their talents.

We encourage all children of different ages to embrace the process of the craft experience rather than what the finish result looks like.

You will see through our children’s art/craft from Mother’s day, Father’s day, Christmas etc; the gifts sent home are a true representation of children’s work. We hope you can appreciate the gesture and your child’s creativity.


Children from Eeyores and Tiggers Place will be participating in orientation if they are moving up a room for 2017. We will do this in small groups to ensure ratios are being met. If your child has participated in orientation, we will let you know.

Children participating in orientation for BIG school are to be taken by their parents/family and returned to Hunny Pots by their family. Due to regulations, we cannot take or pick up the children from school orientation.


All Pooh’s Corner enrolments finish on Wednesday 21st December 2016.  We can apply your bond back to your account if the balance owing is less than the bond being held.  Any credit, after the last CCB/CCR payments have cleared, will be refunded to you early/mid January 2017. Please provide your bank details to ensure this smooth process.

We will be putting a list of the names of Pooh’s Corner children on the laundry door – please write in the name of the school your child is attending for 2017. For those children returning to Hunny Pots in 2017, please proudly write HUNNY POTS!


Congratulations Miss Jessica on completing her Diploma in Children’s Services. Miss Jess has accepted the position of a Diploma trained educator at Hunny Pots.


Eeyores Spot – Miss Kayley, Miss Jessica, Miss Rhiannon, Miss Shazia and Miss Kim.

Tiggers Place – Miss Jo, Miss Taylor and Miss Caroline

Poohs Corner – Miss Allison, Miss Rupinder, Miss Malena, Miss Olivia


As the weather starts to warm up, we would like families to know that we do go outside in the warmer weather. We have plenty of water breaks and play in the shade. If we find the weather too hot, we will come inside to the air conditioning. Please trust that these decisions will be made in the best interest of each child.

Please remember, our Sun Protection Policy states for all children to wear a broad brimmed, legionnaire’s style hat, or bucket style hat – NO BASEBALL HATS ALOWED.

Also, children must wear clothing that covers their shoulders – NO SINGLETS, STRAP DRESSES, MUSCLE TOPS OR THONGS ALLOWED.

This is to encourage lifelong sun protection skills for your child.


Eeyores spot – 0-3 years- one position Monday, One position Wednesday, one position Friday

Tiggers place – preschool 3-4yrs – three positions Monday, one position Tuesday, one position Wednesday, one position Thursday and eight positions Friday.

Poohs Corner – school readiness 4-5years – six positions Monday, three positions Wednesday and one position Friday.


–      End of Year Party – Friday 9th DECEMBER from 4.30pm at Hunny Pots ELC.

–      Pooh’s Corner Lollipops Graduation Party – Tuesday 20th DECEMBER 2016 6 – 8pm at Castle Hill Lollipops Playland. More details to follow.

Centre Closure over the Christmas break

We will be operating up to and including Wednesday 21st December 2016 and reopening on Thursday 5th January 2017.

All existing enrolments commence from the 5th January 2016.



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